Keystone Dental Periodontal Wellness Plan

The Keystone Dental Center Periodontal Wellness Plan was created and designed to help our patients be able to afford the quality dental care that they desire and deserve. Our Wellness Plan is not an insurance plan, can not be combined with a traditional insurance plan, but does have some similarities.

What’s Included In Our Periodontal Wellness Plan

As soon as one is enrolled, they will receive two exams, four periodontal maintenances, four fluoride varnishes, four laser pocket disinfection treatments, radiographs and one VelScope tissue exam per eligible year. If you were to pay normal fees for these services, your cost would be around $1600, not to mention any additional needs at regular fees.

Get $1600 Worth Of Dental Services For $599

We are offering this Wellness Plan to all who are interested for the excellent price of $599. On top of that great deal for preventive care, if any additional need is present, the enrolled patient will receive a 20% discount on all treatment, such as crowns, fillings and deep cleanings, etc. This could add up to be a huge savings compared to having no insurance and paying standard fees.

This may be the thing you and your family have been looking for to allow you to see great dental providers and receive the care you need and want.

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If you have any questions about Keystone Dental Center Wellness Plan, please call us at (719) 596-0212 or contact us HERE to have those questions answered.

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