NuCalm® Anti-anxiety Technology

In today’s fast-paced culture, we are in constant adrenaline overload – whether it’s from work deadlines, busy schedules, or driving in rush-hour traffic. Just living our lives and going about our daily activities, cells are continually breaking down and building up waste and toxins.

For peak performance and to maintain wellness on a dialy basis, our bodies need to be in a parasympathetic dominant state – meaning a state of being meant to cleanse these toxins and to heal ourselves. This cellular rejuvenation of our bodies is the only way to recover from the damaging effects of this constant stress and the resulting cell damage.

NuCalm is one of the most powerful and highly beneficial stress management solutions anywhere.

Health benefits of NuCalm use include:

  • Stress reduction (reduced production of cortisol)
  • Improved attention
  • Better memory
  • Increased immune system function
  • Improved restorative sleep quality
  • Balanced biological clocks and circadian rhythm
  • Greater creativity

NuCalm use is ideal (15-30 minute session):

  • Immediately after a stressful situation
  • In preparation for important events
  • Before a stressful event
  • During travel and immediately when you arrive at your destination
  • During nights when sleep is disrupted
  • As a daily routine to “reboot”

How does NuCalm® work?

  • Step 1: First you apply NuCalm topical cream or chew dietary supplements that are designed to relax you by counteracting adrenaline. The proprietary formula is only available in the NuCalm system and includes structured, nutrient-sourced building blocks that rapidly create a natural relaxation response.
  • Step 2: Patches are applied behind each ear for microcurrent stimulation. Research shows this helps to facilitate relaxation.
  • Step 3: Wear headphones and listen to soothing music. Layered in the music is proprietary neuroacoustic software designed to facilitate deep relaxation.
  • Step 4: Wear NuCalm light-­-blocking eye mask to remove visual stimuli and maintain relaxation.

Why we love NuCalm®

We are always looking for ways to improve your dental visit. NuCalm® provides a uniquely positive experience, reduces your stress, and lets you leave feeling refreshed.  Our patients and the team love NuCalm® and we are proud to provide this exceptional technology to you. Ask us today how you can experience NuCalm® during your next visit. With NuCalm®, everybody wins!

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